We provide custom auditions from your scripts. We carefully choose talent that best fit your project and then give you select auditions. We understand that sometimes the right voice doesn't come up the first time, or the specs your client asked for suddenly is not the right fit for the project. We even understand that  some of your clients may not exactly know what they are looking for until they hear it. We never give up and will dig deep.




We like the retro feel of customer service. We start in EST and are available into the PST hours and you'll even get a response on the weekend.



We've forged a relationship with and ISDN studio in Los Angeles, where about 87% of our talent are located. We can schedule your session and make sure everything is in place, including the talent, scripts and all the details to make your session pitch perfect.


Voice of Reason

We understand today's world of voiceover and  the  "cowboy justice" in rates negotiations. We are here to listen and work with you and your clients budget to move forward together.


A World of Voices

Not only to we provide a great group of talent in American English, British and Spanish, we are up for the challenge of finding any foreign voice.